Different Types Of Web Hosting Services You Can Use

Web hosting is a growing business. As everyone is trying to make their product available online at a better price and with a better experience, the web hosting services have found themselves offering more than one kind of package to its users. When it comes to diversity there are several web hosting services that can be used by anyone that wants to build their website, whether they are a small business like a start-up or a big multimillion-dollar business that wants to expand a certain offer of their product or service.

What is web hosting in short

Web hosting is the act of putting together several pieces of the puzzle to make a big picture so that other users of the internet can see that big picture. You have to have DNS server, a domain name, content for your site and a web hosting service in order to have a fully functioning site.

Types of web hosting available

Shared web hosting

When it comes to the cheapest most profitable web hosting service than the shared web hosting is at the top spot. Share web hosting means that on one server there are multiple different hosted websites that all have their individual traffic and where they all share the power of that server. If you are after a cheap solution this is what you want, however, the quality can depend highly on the other sites that are hosted here so it’s not the best when it comes to quality of service.

VPS servers

VPS stands for virtual private servers and its similar to a shared web hosting service in the fact that more than one different website is hosted on the same server. However, the server is actually divided into several virtual dedicated servers, which means that they do offer a better approach than the hare web hosting service but lower than the dedicated web hosting service.

Dedicated web hosting servers

Dedicated web hosting serversDedicated web hosting servers are at the top when it comes to quality of service. Here you get a premium service where you are the boss of your server and have absolute control over it, but you also pay a premium price. This is the most expensive form of hosting but it is also one of the best ways to make sure your website gives a fluent experience to its visitors as this form of hosting has the least slowdowns and offline moments.

Cloud hosting servers

This is the middle ground for high trafficking websites that don’t want to get a dedicated web hosting service. Imagine that there are several servers all working for several sites, but when one site gets a lot of traffic instead of slowing down the rest, the computing power of all the servers focuses on that one site to handle the traffic. Usually, it’s never the case that all the sites will be under heavy load and traffic so this kind of hosting is very good for a high traffic site that only has spikes at specific times and not for a continued period.