Introduction To Our Hosting Services

For everyone who is new to web hosting for India based sites, we highly recommend shared hosting. It is perfect for small businesses and promoting any products.

We know it’s always best to meet the demands in terms of services and prices. Our hosting services will provide a large feature set that will meet your wallet capabilities.

In case that WordPress hosting is what you need, managed WP hosting is what you need. Impressive uptime, solid support and a wide range of tools at your disposal.

For serious businessmen who are in need of great uptime, tools, and features for website building paired with a variety of features, Check our VPS options.

For the people who are already into web hosting and want a wide variety of features and choices… have a look at our dedicated servers.

In order to promote your business in the best way possible, you might need some SEO help, which we also offer at competitive rates.

Our Plans

Web Hosting

Our Business web hosting plan implies server performance that’s completely optimized for high data traffic. We want the best for your business and we believe that your online performance matters.

Premium business plan would be the best service

Whether you need us to manage one or multiple sites for you, our Premium business plan would be the best service. We provide 20-60 GB storage and unlimited data transfer.


As a part of our free web hosting plan, you will get a chance to get no limit website. We will provide the tools, you just think of the content.

Shared web hosting plan

Shared web hosting plan implies that your website shares the server with other websites. This way, you will not be paying the cost only by yourself. Instead, you share it.

India Web Hosting: Why Choose Us?

With our immense offer of top quality web hosting services for images and videos for India, it is safe to say that we can provide you with everything that you need if you want to build your own website and promote your business or a product with it.

From page speed to the uptime, our services are simply the best because they have been customized to suit the needs of our clients in the best way possible, our web hosting services have even been featured on this top list for the best web hosting India based providers. With us, success is guaranteed!

And just in case you need web hosting providers in different countries, we built comparisons for the best web hosting in Australia, and the best web hosts for Canada!

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