What Is A Whois Data And How Can You Protect It Using Your Web Hosting Services

Today security is a serious issue in both the physical world and online. While in the physical world you have certain state services that will protect you, online you have to secure these kinds of services for yourself as nobody will protect you unless you protect yourself.

Whenever somebody wants to host a website online they have to have several things in order so they can safely host their content. Most of the security features can be bought with your web hosting service, however, there are some additional protections that most people don’t consider taking in the beginning, but the fact is that they should.

Th moment somebody makes a site they are exposing their content online, and it’s not just the content that is offered on the site, but also some private information that some people don’t feel comfortable to share.

For instance, whenever you get yourself a DNS server a web domain and host your content you have to have a filled out Whois which is basically your private information so other businesses or private citizens can know to who the site belongs. This can sometimes be a good thing as it gets you exposure to certain things that you might want to advertise to. For instance, if you are a site that hosts other people’s content than you might get contacted a lot more if people who want to host their content on your site and know that you are in charge of the site.

However, there is also a negative to that kind of exposure, as there are a lot of people online with malicious intent that can abuse that information for their own personal gain.

The trick is that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) actually requires that you provide this information, but there are ways you can make yourself safer while still fulfilling the information that this corporation requires.

Getting domain privacy

Domain privacy will replace the Whois that is required to be fulfilled with your information, with the information of a forwarding proxy server. In other words, your physical address, telephone number, name and other personal info will be replaced by the name of the domain privacy company that will shield you.

Other ways your Whois can be abused

Today when there are thousands of people trying to create something good in the online world, there are also thousands who are trying to either destroy something or profit off of other people’s work. Your whois should be protected if it can be, due to the reason that it can be exploited by anyone that knows how and that wants to take advantage of that information. For example, if your domain name contract is going to run out soon, the hackers can check your whois and send you a formal e-mail requesting that you approve certain things and in return, they will renew your contract. When in fact they are actually trying to steal your domain name and sell it off to somebody else.