What Is Web Hosting And How It Works

So, you decided you want to host your website and now you are wondering what a web hosting service is and how you can host your site? Even though there are tons of explanations on the web, none of them seem to explain how all the intricate parts of hosting a website works and what goes into the whole ordeal. While we will be explaining what a web hosting service is we will also explain what two other parts you will need to be able to host your very own website.

First of all, we have to list the three things in order, you will need:

– A domain name

– A DNS server

– A web hosting service

So, let’s get down to the detailed explanation of each and every one of the things you will need in order to have a successful website hosted with the ability to sell a service or a product or simply just so people can come visit and learn something new.

Domain name

Domain nameA domain name is something that every website needs in order for it to be recognized by its users. The domain name in layman’s terms means the site name. If you want to go to Amazon their domain name is amazon.com. In order to get a domain name, you will have to register one with a domain name registration service. There is a dime a dozen so make sure to do a google search and check out the top ten. Furthermore, when we say domain name we specifically just mean the site name, certain services will try to sell you additional stuff but don’t buy them as they are not needed until a later period and only if you want spectral features which most of the internet users don’t need.

What is a DNS server

Well, when you type in the domain name you are technically typing in the DNS server, but somebody else is in charge to connect your domain name to your DNS server. A DNS server is basically the IP address of your domain name, so for instance if you wanted to go to a site you type in the site, but you can also type in its DNS server name which would be something like and knowing every DNS server number is a lot harder than knowing a domain name of the site. Usually, you can get both this and the domain name servers at your web hosting service, so you don’t need to go all over the web you can pay everything on a specific location. You can do everything in one spot


Hosting is the act of putting together a DNS server, a domain name and all the content you want on your website in one place. So, when you have a finalized product made in a WordPress site or something fancier with both the DNS server and a registered domain name you have yourself a hosted website with functioning content.