5 Reasons Why Having A Free Website Is A Bad Idea

Whenever somebody wants to get into the online market they have to consider a web hosting service that offers many different packages. All can be well when it’s about your content, but when it comes to the part where you actually have to open up your wallet and spend some cold hard cash than it gets a bit tricky. Namely, there are thousands of good web hosting services, and almost all of them offer some type of free package. This can be amazing if you just started with something small and you want to be able to share your content with the world, however, we are here to tell you that that idea is bad for your business and here is why:

  1. Unprofessionalism

If you are in the market of a making good first impression than a free web hosting service might not be of help to you. Free web hosting services usually come at a price of being a commercial for the web host, for example, Mywebsite.freewebhosting.com. This can be a good website if you want to share your content with a couple of people that won’t be your business partners as they won’t think much of it. However, anyone that wants to start off without looking like a bum should consider paying the small fee to get a shared web hosting server.

Free is not actually free

The term free means that something should be given for no charge. While this can be true on the particular action that you got free, something else might even come at a higher price. Usually, if you get a free website then you will have to pay for any features to operate on that site. Another example would be that you get a free pass when it comes to hosting, but they charge you more when you sign up as they know you can’t let your website get lost in the abyss.

  1. You won’t be the owner of your site

Hosting on a free web host means that you get the chance to upload your content to the rest of the world. However, a lot of free web hosting services don’t share with you the information that once you take them up on their offer you are in fact giving them the rights to your site and the content on it.

  1. HostingThey might re-use your content

Hosting for free has its price. Even if you don’t have to pay them a monthly fee that does not mean that you won’t pay them in some other form. Now you might keep your content, but they might get the right to use it at their own discretion wherever they want to. This could be troublesome for you.

  1. Site stability is questionable

When you host on a free web host you should be aware that you won’t be the only one that is being hosted there for free. It’s usually several sites on the same server and as more and more sites join that one server everyone might experience slowdowns and eventually crashes and down time.