4 Reasons Why Uploading A Video To Other Sites Is Better Than Hosting It Yourself

Imagine that you take your time to film a video edit it and then you are ready to publish it. The next step is to start uploading it on your website for which you have to choose which method you will use. Once you are done uploading a huge file that usually takes a longer time than usual, it’s time to reap the benefits of your upload. However, at this moment instead of the price you are getting mixed feedback which usually boils down to “your video is not working”.

At this moment, you have several things that you can do to remedy the situation. You can either start the process all over again, switch to a new web hosting service, or just upload your video on another platform and use the embedded link to place it on your site. For instance, the video sharing site YouTube is perfect for situations like this. You essentially upload a video there, take the link of the video and paste it into your own site. You now have a video uploaded on another site that is being paid from their pocket and you have that video playing on your site, which is generating you revenue and giving traffic to your site as much as its giving it to YouTube.

video-fileBut if you are persistent on uploading videos on your own site here are 5 reasons why you should take a second to think about it.

The bandwidth

Whenever something is hosted on a server there is a limit to how much traffic it can take. Even though you can take yourself a dedicated server, if thousands of people would go online at the same time to watch your video, you would have huge issues as your web hosting service might not be able to accommodate them all at the same time.

Server file size

This is an even bigger issue than the bandwidth. When you host a site with tons of videos on it, you have to upload them one by one. A video file is not like a picture file where thousands of pictures will take a few MB, a video file can be hundreds of MB. This can quickly drain the allocated server file size allowance that the host has allocated for you, and you might have to pay additional fees if you go over the limit.

websiteSlow downs

Another reason why this might be a bad idea is the potential slowdowns that your site might get due to high traffic. A website that has only text can handle much more traffic than a website that has tons of videos on it, as it has to send a request to the server and fetch the information several times to share it with everyone. This can considerably slow down your website functionality.

The different resolutions

If you have decided to upload a video on your site you have to consider that both the desktop users will watch it, but so will the mobile users. This alone has to force you to spend double the upload time on your site as you have to both have HD resolution videos and lower quality ones for the mobile crowd. Spending double the amount of time to upload the same video is not productive if you ask us.