How To Know Which Type Of Web Hosting Is Best For You

It mostly depends on your knowledge and expertise, which type of web hosting for images and videos you will choose. If you are a beginner, you will not have the same expectations as a professional or someone who is into web hosting. So, in order to make the best decision about which web hosting service would do the best for you, you need to educate yourself about the different types of web hosting.

New to web hosting or not, there is one rule that determines everything else. The more you are willing to pay, the better service you will get. That is how things work in the online world. When we are talking about the web hosting prices, we are actually talking about the performance of your website on the net. The more money you invest in web hosting, the more performance you will get. This means that you are actually paying for more traffic.

The types of web hosting

There are five types of web hosting that are the most common ones. These types are Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated web hosting. Of course, they vary from the features down to the cost of the service.

Shared hosting is the cheapest type and it is just perfect for beginners. If you have an idea that you would like to test online, this type of web hosting would be the best solution. Shared hosting means that your website gets to share the server with other online websites, which reduces the costs. That is why it is called shared hosting.

This type is perfect in case that your website is not receiving a high rate of visits per one month. Usually, the hosts use slow servers so if you want to move on something faster, you will probably need to change the type of hosting service.

This brings us to the second type called VPS or virtual private server. It will give you more speed and features than shared hosting. This type is also good for those who need some extra privacy and security when it comes to their personal data.

WordPress hosting type is ideal for users of this platform. If you want to run a blog with really high traffic, you will want this type most definitely. This is perfect if you always need to add or edit something on your website without having to change the actual code of the website.

If you are planning the ultra high traffic on your website, it would be wise to take into your consideration the Dedicated type of web hosting. Since you will want nothing but maximum privacy for the data, leasing your own server would be the best possible solution.

The traffic is still limited by the hardware of your server. On the other hand, if you need the same performance with the unlimited access to any data, Cloud hosting would be perfect for such demanding situation.