Kinsta Review

Kinsta - homepage

If you’ve done any WordPress work at all, chances are you’ve heard of Kinsta. This relative newcomer burst onto the hosting scene in 2013, after several WordPress developers got fed up with existing solutions. Since then, Kinsta continues to grow and provide hosting solutions for WordPress developers worldwide.

If you’re in the market for a managed WordPress host, Kinsta may be the right fit. In this Kinsta review, we take a look at pricing, support, and the pros and cons of the company’s products to give you a better idea of what to expect.


Kinsta - Pricing

Kinsta’s pricing used to start from $100 per month, but the company has dropped their prices significantly. The starter plan costs $30 per month, while their most expensive enterprise offering will set you back $1,500. Unlike many of their competitors, Kinsta’s prices remain the same after renewal, so you won’t receive any nasty surprises.

All of Kinsta’s products use the Google Cloud Platform, with 24 global locations available. The plans also include high-end features like malware removal, SSL certificates, a staging area, and automatic daily backups.

The plans differ mainly in the number of WordPress installs, monthly visit limits, and the amount of SSD storage. The Starter plan gives you one install, 20,000 monthly visits with overage charges of $1/1,000 visitors, and 10 GB SSD storage. Higher-tier plans allow for higher numbers of visitors, more WordPress installs, and more SSD storage.


Web hosting is notorious for poor customer support that either doesn’t understand the problem or takes forever to get back to you. Luckily, Kinsta’s technical support is top-notch, with a team of WordPress veterans and Linux experts at your disposal at all times.

The main drawback of Kinsta’s support is the lack of phone support. While you can still get in touch with them via email or live chat, many people prefer the feeling of talking through their problems with another person at the end of the line.


Excellent Performance

Unlike other web hosts that rely on physical data centers, Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Platform, which increases speed, reliability, and scalability. Instead of having to worry about a physical server location, you can choose from one of 24 global locations. This fact has the most to with it being in all our top lists, including

In practical terms, you can expect blazing fast speeds, no matter where you are. Typical response times include 10 ms to London, 221 ms to Japan, and 130 ms to the West Coast of the USA.

Cloud servers are also more reliable, which is why Kinsta boasts a 100% uptime since December 2018. Kinsta is so sure of its reliability that it will pay you in account credit if they don’t deliver 99.9% uptime.

Hassle-Free WordPress Management

Most people want to focus on growing their website, not worrying about the technical nitty-gritty. Managed services will give you peace of mind knowing that a team of WordPress experts is continually optimizing and managing your site.

If you ever want to take over the reins, Kinsta allows you to do so. The dashboard is incredibly easy to use and gives you access to developer-friendly tools, a one-click staging environment, speed tuning, and the ability to manage your updates as you see fit.



The main drawback of Kinsta is its price. While the company has dropped prices significantly, $30 per month is a significant outlay for small businesses or individual site owners, especially if you have to pay that in one payment. Kinsta does try to mitigate this by giving customers two months free if they sign up for a 12-month contract.


Kinsta is the leading, managed WordPress host. Offering a wide array of impressive features and blazingly fast performance, it’s the provider of choice for anyone working in WordPress. The price may put some people off, but you get every cent back in value in the end.