Free Web Hosting Compares To Paying Ones

There are tons of ways you can host your website today. Once you get into the market with the right tools you are ready to get your web hosting service.  Here you have a choice to pick a free web hosting package or to go for one of those paying methods. We will now list the positive sides of all of them and of course the negative ones also.

Free web hosting

The positive side here is right in the name, as you don’t have to start spending your money right away and you can start uploading your content online and share it with the world even before you get the perception of will it be profitable.

The moment you host something online for free your content has officially joined the web and can now be shared and even stored for later use by other users. Another positive thing is that you don’t need to worry about making mistakes, this is a free web hosting service, and here if you screw up you can just register again on another free web hosting service and drop the old one. Students can practice like this and get the needed experience when it comes to picking the right web hosting service.

The disadvantages can be huge. If you are the original creator of the content, then you might lose the rights to them as the web hosting service could take them for themselves. Second, you can’t control anything when the site has difficulties. This is solely left on the server maintenance that is within the free web hosting company and they do things at their own pace.  There are tons of other things but we won’t list them all as we would need more space than we have, so let’s move to the other things.

Dedicated web hosting

This is the best and most expensive way to host a website. Everything is under your control and you are solely responsible for its functionality. There is also nobody to make your site slow down or experience any issues, it’s all on you.

Shared web hosting

This is the cheapest way to secure the rights of your website. If you are thinking between this and the free web hosting, pick this one. Here you won’t have a lot of control over the functionality of the server, but at least it will be protected somewhat and the content will be yours.

Cloud based web hosting

Cloud based web hostingWhen you have a site that might get a high number of people visiting it, higher than what the shared web hosting can handle, but lower than the dedicated web hosting, then you get the cloud. The cloud basically functions like a cluster of servers for a bunch of sites, but when needed it focuses its power on one site so there are no experienced slowdowns from the user’s side.

VPS hosting

Virtual private servers are something in between the cloud and the shared web hosting. This method gives you the dedicated functionality of a solo web host but it is, in fact, a server that is hosting several dedicated private virtual servers.