Free Web Hosting Is A Bad Idea And Here Is Why

In today’s digital world everyone is trying to get their services and products online as fast as possible so they can spread the word or start making money for the owner. In such a rushed state people often consider things that might save them some money and when a business is just starting there is no better lure for you as a user. However, this can be detrimental to your business in the long run. There are several reasons why you should always keep your website and its content off free web hosting services as there are more than one reason to seek out the other cheapest methods available.

You have no control over the site functionality

When you are done uploading your content on your site the next thing on the agenda should be to get some visitors. As you start sharing your content you start getting the notification that it’s not available at certain times. This is due to the reason that many sites are usually hosted on the same free server. This usually results in a big slowdown and eventually your site can be shut down completely where then the only choice you have is to either let it die, or pay them to bring it back, because they have no other reason to bring back your site as if you are not a paying customer they don’t need you.

Built up SEO is lost once the site goes downBuilt up SEO is lost once the site goes down

When you start a business online you have to establish your presence. If you work for tons of time you might get a good SEO rank, which will, unfortunately, be lost once the site goes down on your free web hosting service. If you are prepared to risk your existing effort so that you can save a few bucks, in the beginning, be our guest.

Redirection does not work with free sites

Security vulnerabilitiesSo you made your first site and a couple of months have passed and now you are ready to expand and you want to pick another higher quality web hosting service. At this moment, you are thinking of moving your websites SEO to the other site and you want to setup a redirection to that site. However, now you notice that if your site was on the free web hosting server, that this is not possible. For this reason, always consider paying the smallest amount you can but pay to retain the ability and flexibility of not having a free web hosting service.

Security vulnerabilities

Security is an important issue on the web. Tons of sites get created, but not all of them have enough protection for the harsh online world we live in. If you have a free hosted website than you should know that your site has virtually no protection from hackers or other people with malicious intent. This means that all the content you own and the information of yourself and other users of your site can be in danger.