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While most hosting companies offer a range of different hosting services, Cloudways is a hosting provider that focuses on cloud-based hosting solutions. Instead of purchasing space on a server, your website will be replicated across many servers and stored on the “cloud.” This is a modern form of hosting that is highly adaptable and easy to scale.

Cloudways first began offering cloud hosting to clients in 2009. Over the past decade, it has grown into one of the world’s most trusted cloud hosting companies — in fact among the best web hosting in Australia, best web hosting in Canada, and best web hosting in the UK. At present, Cloudways is headquartered in Malta.

As a cloud-only hosting provider, Cloudways utilizes cloud servers from some of the industry’s most advanced data centers, and users can choose from which data center they want to source cloud hosting.

In this Cloudways review, we’ll take a look at pricing, features, customer support, and other related topics. Let’s find out if this is the right cloud-based hosting company for your website.


Cloudways- Pricing

The price you pay at Cloudways will depend on the cloud server partner you choose. There are five options:

  • DigitalOcean ($10 – $80 per month)
  • Linode ($12 – $90 per month)
  • Vultr Data Centers ($11 – $84 per month)
  • Google Cloud ($33.30 – $226.05 per month)
  • AWS ($36.51 – $274.33 per month)

While RAM, processor numbers, storage, and bandwidth will vary depending on the partner and plan you choose, Cloudways has overarching features available to all clients. Cloudways offers flexible and transparent pricing and pay as you go billing, so you only pay for the resources you use.

All clients get 24/7 monitoring, customer support, free migration, application installation benefits, free SSL certificates, dedicated firewalls, and a host of other premium benefits.

The only minor downside to Cloudways is that it can be slightly difficult to use. If you’re someone with limited web experience, using a more basic hosting service might better suit your needs.


Another benefit of choosing Cloudways is the company’s customer support team. You can access customer care at Cloudways 24/7 via the company’s online chat, support tickets, and telephone support.

Cloudways is extremely customer-focused, so it’s easy to get the information you need from their customer support center. If you’d like access to information or resources without speaking to a customer care representative, the Cloudways website is also a useful resource.

The website hosts a “knowledge base” and “resource center” with everything you need to get the most from your hosting plan.


  • Benefit from access to five different cloud providers.
  • Access incredible performance that isn’t restricted by a single server.
  • Avoid unwanted downtime by using cloud hosting to reduce exposure to hardware malfunctions.
  • Contact Cloudways customer service via phone, support ticket, or live chat whenever you need them.
  • Scale your website by upgrading your package to include additional RAM, storage, or bandwidth.
  • Access free migration, dedicated firewalls, unlimited application installation, and free SSL certificates.


  • Pricing can vary significantly depending on which cloud partner you choose.
  • It can be expensive to access the platform’s best features.
  • You can’t gain access to a designated server – all plans are cloud-based.


It’s time to decide if this is the right hosting platform for your website. If you’re searching for a fully capable hosting partner that offers cloud hosting, strong security protocols, around-the-clock support, and scalable packages, you should consider Cloudways.

The company has grown rapidly since 2009 because of its firm commitment to its customers. Testimonials from current clients speak for themselves.

Lastly, you can access a free trial a Cloudways without having to input your credit card details. It’s never been easier to test this hosting company’s capabilities for yourself.