5 Security Features Every Online Business Should Have

When it comes to security online, there can never be enough security. In today’s world, we live there are far more crimes being committed online than there are being committed in the physical world. However, not all of these crimes go noticed and even a lesser number gets caught and punished. For this reason, people who want to conduct their business online must invest into online security as it will provide safety for both them and the users that are browsing their site and using their services.

When it comes to some security features here are 5 security features every online business should be able to afford.

Spam stop feature

Spam stop featureCommercials are eating a lot of space online. Even though a lot of people don’t mind some commercials since they want to support a certain site and the creators, some sites get infected with spam. This can be in the form of e-mails or pop-ups and other interesting and awful ways. For this reason, businesses that want to have their site protected from these kinds of intrusions and if they want to protect the unique experience that their visitors can have while visiting their site, they need to invest some money in a feature called spam stop. This is usually offered by your web hosting service so make sure to ask them what specifically they offer and how can that help your site.

RAID protection

If you are hosting your business at a good web hosting service you will have this feature available to you. This is another layer of protection that your business can offer to your guests, so make sure to ask your web hosting service about the details of this feature, if they have it.

Protection from DDOs attacks

DDOs attacks are pretty common online so you must be able to protect yourself and your content from them. DDOs stands for distributed denial of service and a security feature like this will protect your content from getting spammed by its attacks that are usually performed by multiple users. When you see your site slowing down for no apparent reason than you are a victim of a DDOs attack. Make sure to talk with your web hosting service to coordinate about this kind of protection.

Content backup

The second best kind of protection is the one that saves your content once the damage has been done. If you want to be up and running within hours of an attack you must backup your content. This is a simple security feature that will be offered to you from your web hosting service, make sure to take it.

Secure data centers

When your content is important and you deal with lots of personal information you might want to secure it by putting your server in a secure data center. These centers are usually protected from mother nature and in a remote location like the desert where not a lot of bad things can happen. Check with your host for options about this security feature, if they do offer one in the first place.