3 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Web Developer

Your website is like a storefront.

It’s the same as having potential customers walk by your business. But the difference is that a website is virtual and visible to an infinite number of people in a single moment.

But to stand out and have a strong online presence, websites can’t just rely on looks.

That’s where a professional web developer comes in. They not only design and groom your website to look good. They also optimise it to generate more traffic.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider professional web development.

1. Your Success Depends on Performance

To consumers, your website is a reflection of how much you care.

If a business looks like it doesn’t care, why should the consumer trust it?

The modern web user doesn’t initially trust websites that look outdated or sub-par. So, they’re not going to waste their time or money on the website, and therefore, the business.

Aesthetics vs. Performance

Most businesses use WordPress to build and operate their websites for free. In fact, WordPress comprises 27% of the Internet. So, it’s a cost-effective option for most companies.

Naturally, there are tons of free or low-cost WordPress design themes readily available. But when this happens, it’s easier for hackers to implant malware on these websites.

Not to mention, the majority of website owners are going to opt for the low-cost or “freebie” option. Which means that you run the risk of looking generic or similar to the competition.

A professional web developer can build your WordPress design and keep it secure. They’ll also customise your design to help your company stand out.

2. A Professional Website Will Attract More Leads

Looks aren’t the only way to attract leads.

The higher a website ranks in Google, the more traffic – and subsequent leads – it accumulates.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a marketing method made up of several practices. All these techniques and practices hone in Google’s algorithm to improve ranking.

Google’s algorithm tends to favor websites that run fast and with fewer errors. A professional web developer will not only design your website to load faster and better.

They’ll also prevent potential leads from clicking away by optimising your web content.

Improved Performance & Better Web Content

Keywords are another SEO practice. By using them on your website, you can make your site more visible when users search for those keywords.

Some web developers may even write your web pages. They can also manage your blog with updated and appealing keywords and content.

Google also favors mobile-compatible websites. A web developer will not only make your website mobile-friendly. They’ll also adapt your website to a wide range of web browsers.

3. Hiring a Professional Web Developer is a Worthwhile Investment

SEO and WordPress are not subjects you can learn overnight.

In fact, you can spend a lot of time and money learning about things like web design, clean coding, content marketing, and much more in between.

You already devote much of your time into your business. So, you shouldn’t have to exert more effort into your company’s online marketing plan.

As Google’s algorithm changes and web development advances, there will always be a need to update your website.

Hiring a professional web developer is not just a one-time investment. It’s an investment that produces results for years to come.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Unfortunately, more than half of Australian businesses were still without a website in 2015. Though this figure may be different now, it’s still alarming to think that many companies could still be in the dark.

But your business doesn’t have to be!